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Reunion: Red alert as from 10 o’clock

Reunion: Red alert as from 10 o’clock
This passage to red alert is a consequence of weather degradation in the wake of the cyclone "Dumile" which will pass closer to the island this Thursday, later in the afternoon.

Dumile cyclone will affect the island with higher average winds of the order of 100 km/h; with gusts that may exceed 140 km/h in some places.

The cyclonic danger is imminent. Consequently, public is strongly requested to observe the following: 

-Take advantage of the notice up to 10 hours to shelter as quickly as possible or stay there, stay at the strongest part of your home;  
-from 10: 00 not to leave out, for any reason whatsoever;  
-stay calm and keep regularly informed of the evolution of the phenomenon following weather forecast on radio or on TV or on the answering machine of France weather on 08 92 68 08 08 for weather forecasts and the cyclone on 08 97 65 01 01 .
-Carefully follow the official instructions and advice broadcast by radio stations.  
-No telephone calls only when absolutely necessary.

The prefect also reminds the following points:
-the maximum intensity of the phenomenon is expected in the afternoon. 
-an area of the island may be provisionally protected from the winds by the mountains and, thus the weather conditions reported may not reflect the reality and the imminence of the danger.
-the Littoral road is completely closed from 10 pm this night.


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