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Reunion: Learning Creoles in kindergarten "unwinds the child"

Reunion: Learning Creoles in kindergarten "unwinds the child"
Creole is officially registered in the school curriculum from September 2011 in Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guiana. But its learning within the education system remains effective only on the voluntary basis. 

 Nursery schools and in other educational levels, the Creole is thus taught in bilingual classes with option Langue Vivante Régionale (LVR). Reunion Creole is taught in 20 bilingual classes over the island.

"There are various teachings of Creole at school, so what I will say will fall in the context in which I am", said Pierre Gauvin, who teaches Creole in bilingual class in Primat Kindergarten in Saint-Denis.

"At Primat, the children evolve into a Creole world, they speak a Creole often mixed with French, they do not the difference between the two languages", argues Pierre Gauvin. 
According to the teacher, learning Creole is a way to better master the French language, but also to understand the difference between the two languages. "The study of the structure of the two languages helps children to understand the functioning of French and Creole, so they can progress in the two subjects", he says.

 Pierre Gauvin noted that students who learned Creole at the beginning of course evolve positively in their schooling. "They have a facility with languages in general, because they have developed language mechanisms and their ears are educated to the variations of language," recognizes the professor.

For Pierre Gauvin, to express themselves freely in creole "free in languages". The child will then enter a phase of active communication and open on the world which surrounds him more easily.

The teacher also points out that the younger set at the same level of equality Creole and the French: "If the child is mistaken in Creole, he accepts to be correct and understands that he is there to learn, it is not shines, and Creole becomes one material like any other".

Learning Creole is also, according to his own opinion, identity and cultural aspect."The teaching of Creole
unwinds the child. He sees that his native language is on an equal footing with others. Understanding the different facets of Creole identities, French and European helps children to build"
, he says.


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