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Reunion: IRT won a Travel d'Or

"The Oscars, the Caesars ...Cinema thrills and rewards its heroes, its technicians, specialists... and makes it known to the world... The truth is, the magic of the big screen is a sum of talent juxtaposed, nested, related and transcended. The Travel d'Or™ are the rewards of the small (computer) screen and mini screen (mobile phone) which, in turn, salute the competence, creativity and expertise of travel professionals. And we will know, for the greater good of the professionals of tourism and Internet users...,"explains Frédéric Vanhoutte, President of Eventiz and creator of the Travel d'Or.
The Travel d'Or (trophies of the favorite sites online) are designed since 2009 to reward businesses in the tourism sector that make a difference on the web.
The awards ceremony of the 6th edition was held last night at the Salle Wagram in Paris.

Selected from more than 300 Web sites this year, the l’Ile de La Réunion Tourisme is seen the first award in the category ''Offices de Tourisme'' as a major player in the WEB. 
Already winner in 2012, the IRT had obtained special "innovation award" from the jury for his 'Visits 360' application. The IRT was selected this year still among the 5 finalists in this category for its all-new free app "Reunion Island". 
National actors of tourism and technologies, such as Jacques Antoine GRANJON, founder of private - sale .com, but also Christian MANTEI, Director of asset France and many other renowned, composed this prestigious jury. These travel professionals thus welcomed the La Réunion Tourisme of creativity skills. 
According to Frédéric Vanhoutte, the island of Reunion is "the most popular geeky destination in the use of communication."
In addition to the vote of the Board, these are more than 143,000 users who voted, 16% by the number of voters in 2013.  
The L’île de La Réunion Tourisme thanked users and the jury for the interest they have shown and which allowed the official website of the destination to be selected on criteria of choice and clarity. 
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