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Reunion: Everything rolls for Moana Moo Caille at the 'Ride in Trets'

The BMX track of Trets (Bouches du Rhône) received the "Ride in Trets' competition of a new type that offers different disciplines of BMX. Moana Moo Caille, sponsor of the event, took part in the competition alongside more 250 pilots. Results of the Honorary Ambassador of Reunion: King of Start first and second in the classic race.

In partnership with the Restos du Coeur, the BMX competition 'Ride in Trets' took place on March 30, 2014 in Trets. Reunionese BMX champion Moana Moo Caille was chosen to be the sponsor of this event. An opportunity to test its level to a few days of the opening of the 2014 season and challenge the 250 participants, including five of his colleagues, also members of the team of France.

On-site, Moana Moo Caille won the "King of Start", trial that determines the driver with the best departure until the first hump of the course before Amidou Mir and Frédéric Bouvard. The Honorary Ambassador of Reunion finished second in the classic race behind Sylvain André. It is followed by Amidou Mir who completes the podium followed very closely by Simon Duchène.
Moana Moo Caille said "very satisfied with these results, especially after winning almost all of her rounds before Sylvain [André], freshly returned from USA, and Amidou [Mir], double champion of Europe Junior 2013".
After 4 months of recovery, Moana Moo Caille seems to have recovered its level. The goal of the Reunionese: be ready for the finals of the Championship of France and Europe in July, as well as for the World Championship which will take place at the beginning of the month of August 2014.


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