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Reunion: Beginning the operation of conservation of the backshore of Roches Noires

Reunion: Beginning the operation of conservation of the backshore of Roches Noires
The backshore of the Roches Noires operation of conservation has started. A backhoe is carefully in move since this morning to smooth out a mattress of white sand on which will be "rocks will be transplanted", says Laurent Robert, general manager of technical services at the Town Hall of St. Paul.

The latter do not venture on the progress of the work of this first day. The vehicles were still allowed to park on the street from the beach until lunch time.
Local traders move around and come and ask for information. "How late I can restock my store", is concerned one of them. "The progress of the work function", says Laurent Robert. A restriction on the movement area will be set up as early as this afternoon. The construction progresses quickly.

Access to the street from the beach will be regulated so an easier passage to dump trucks would be opened in the next few minutes.
The sand placed on the current street of the beach along the esplanade was moved this morning... the breakers are located a short distance away.

This mattress of sand will cushion the heavy boulders on the asphalt. "Another vehicle will thus be able to position those blocks below the wall collapsed last week", said Guito Hoareau of the technical services. His colleagues are working them to "cut" street furniture (benches, lampposts, dustbins) using laminate trimmer.

The works are scheduled for a couple over a fortnight.

Fabrice François

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