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Reunion: Air traffic disrupted, Air Austral is due to an exceptional situation not yet experienced

Since yesterday and after two days of misery for passengers, air traffic at the Roland Garros airport in Reunion Island is gradually returning to normal. The Air Austral Company has again wrestled with the programming of its flights today to catch up. Air Austral acknowledges having faced a situation "exceptional not yet experienced". Here's the release:

Reunion: Air traffic disrupted, Air Austral is due to an exceptional situation not yet experienced
After 3 days of a strongly perturbed operation, in a difficult context of hyper advanced traffic reducing opportunities for reports of flights or charter, Air Austral and its teams confirm this Monday a return to a situation of exploitation almost normalized with the latest adjustments to schedule.
On the other hand, ad hoc charters solutions could be found to carry passengers whose flights have been cancelled.  

The company intends to provide has 100 % of its regular program basis as from Tuesday, January 8.
Two additional flights have indeed been launched: 

Today, Monday, January 7: on the road Reunion> Antananarivo:
. The UU 611 flight will take off from Roland Garros at 12: 30 for an arrival in Antananarivo at 1 p.m. (local time). 
. The UU 612 flight will depart from Antananarivo at 14: 30 (local time) for a scheduled arrival to Reunion at 17: 00.

The following times adjustments are made for the day of January 7:
                       >The UU888 flight / Bangkok > Reunion
Will depart from Bangkok at 11: 40 local time for an arrival to Reunion expected at 19: 20 local time.
                       >The UU311 flight / Reunion> Johannesburg
Will take off from Reunion at 20: 30 local time for an arrival scheduled at 22:40 local time.     
                       >The UU312 Flight / Johannesburg > Reunion
 Will take off  from Johannesburg at 11: 40 local time for an arrival to Reunion on January 8 at 5: 30 local time.        
                      >The UU515 flight / Reunion> Tamatave
 Will take off from Reunion at 15: 45 local time for an arrival scheduled at 16: 35 local time.                                                         
                     >The UU516 Flight / Tamatave > Reunion
 Will take off from Tamatave at 17 h 20 local time for an arrival to Reunion at 20: 05
With these recent operations, Air Austral comes out of an exceptional situation not yet experienced by the company. The functioning of its operation was thus strongly penalized by the combination of several exogenous factors:
-Hyper traffic peak on all Long Courier and Moyen Courier destination
-Congestion from the airport have almost immediately driven significant successive delays and disorganized the initial program of the company
 - slowing down the procedures linked to the management of the "grubs" phenomenon to destination and the departure of Mauritius, preventing any aircraft to land and take off between 18: 30 and 20: 00
- Scarcity of available places including on competing companies
 - Charter opportunities almost nonexistent
 -  Unavailability of a B737 aircraft as result of a technical problem.

Saturation of the airport and dysfunctions of baggage conveyor from the first hours after the re-opening, led the company to make "hot" cancellations heavily penalizing our customers.
The total lack of possibilities of accommodation on the island were then doubly penalized some of our passengers who were supported by the company with the help of the airport.
On Saturday, in addition to a congestion always sustained of facilities was marked by the detention of a B737 due to a technical failure, forcing the company to carry out other "hot" cancellations. 

 In spite of all our efforts and presence on the ground, information of passengers (to stop over and telephone) was made difficult by the number of incidents to handle. The number of passengers to re – protect, passengers who despite the instructions returned to the airport and the total lack of visibility on the possibilities of Charter to other companies in order to decongest, amplified the phenomenon.
Air Austral deeply regrets the inconvenience suffered by passengers in the situation of force majeure. In this peak period where the company is aware of the difficulties that many have encountered, Air Austral wishes to present its apologies to all its passengers. It ensures making its maximum so that the traffic is restored as quickly as possible given the context. 

All operational teams of Air Austral have, throughout this delicate phase, strongly mobilized with the only concern to find a solution for all passengers suffering in the rules of respect and safety. They will continue to work in order to mobilize the arrangements put in place in such cases and particularly regarding the passenger information.

 Air Austral also thanks all its customers for their patience and understanding and waiting to welcome them on its lines with the quality of service that has always made his reputation.
As a reminder, passengers can get the flight program confirmed on or by contacting 0825-013-012.


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