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Reunion: A French group ready to support the immersion of Jeanne d'Arc

Reunion: A French group ready to support the immersion of Jeanne d'Arc
The immersion of the old school building in the national Navy the Joan of Arc, in the heart of the Bay of Saint-Paul, approaches if we base on the comments made by Guy Marcoz on the initiative of the project. It is a gigantic artificial reef which will soon be at sea, shelter for fish and magical place of exploration for divers from all over the world.
Doubts hovering over the possible financial impact of the operation would be removed. A sponsor intends as well to make its financial contribution, according to the president of the Nautilus. "We are pleased to announce that at the end of discussions last week with the president of a French group which employs more than 50,000 employees worldwide and makes 4 billion euro in sales, that he has decided to take in charge the entire work of clean-up and development of the hull "This work would be carried out in France following the regulations in force and according to the rules of art by French staff" argued the former engineer without nevertheless disclosing the identity of this "great French group".

Last November 9, before the Minister of overseas moved on the island, the association had shown satisfaction at the end of a meeting with the Office of the President of the Reunion. The community would be favorable, according to Guy Marcoz, the establishment of this project will drain in its wake a strong tourism development zone. However, no elected or parliamentary has so far brought his public support for this project. This is what saddens the president of Nautilus.

The Region Reunion also expresses its readiness to support the assignment for the symbolic euro for the hull aims of Jeanne d'Arc, for which a tender as part of its disbandment was hired with the highest authorities of the State.
The association does not want to waste time because the schedule ahead is already planned in advance. She wants "a moratorium be applied without delay on the tender so that we can launch feasibility studies, according to the legislations in force for the prevention of marine pollution by the dumping of waste". Guy Marcoz is confident also that the project will be examined carefully by many observers on its environmental aspects.

Fabrice François

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