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Reunion: 54 proposals to develop the artisanal sector through tourism

Published with the assistance of the IRT (Ile de La Réunion Tourisme), the report on trades of art and tourism in Reunion was presented by Emmanuel Lemagnen, corresponding regional of the Institute National des Métiers d'arts this Tuesday, February 25. This report which lists 54 proposals and recommendations to the development of the small-scale sector, just highlight the correlation and the joint needs between trades of the craft and tourist sectors.

Each year, 44 million euros are spent in the craft sector by the 400,000 tourists who come to the island. With this observation, Emmanuel Lemagnen made in his report 54 proposals at the heart of which tourism and arts and crafts allied to the economic development of the island territory. Because craft, more than an object, is a real vector of wealth culture and heritage of the island. The craft object becomes "a memory that serves as a travel," says Ariane Loupy, Director of the IRT.

With 20% from sales of crafts in Reunion of local production, it is essential to preserve and enhance the Reunionese crafts. For Emmanuel Lemagnen, it is "80% of market share to take".
Relevant and comprehensive diagnosis established by this report revolves around several axes of development: the training of artisans and putting forward their know-how, the accompaniment to the structuring of companies and of the profession, the support for the commercialisation of art objects...

Among the 54 recommendations made over 160 pages of the report, the president of the Chambre des Métiers and the crafts Bernard Picardo held to emphasise the importance of the proposal 48 regarding the creation of a space dedicated to the Reunionese crafts, located in the area of airport Roland Garros.
Note that the report on trades of art and tourism in the meeting will be sent to the different regions of France as an example and application of a strategy of development of the sectors concerned. At the local level, Emmanuel Lemagnen hopes that the Regional Council will 'launch an operational review on the craft sector' and thus 'contract a document on a five-year plan".

Meanwhile, Ariane Loupy recalls that the IRT "contributes to publicize reunion crafts through the lounges or the convention signed with the consular Chamber in order to optimize the placing in front of the artisan product". As a reminder, this agreement consists in the acquisition by the IRT of an exhibition of objects of art Fund which will serve as a showcase for the sector.


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