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Reunion: 11% decrease in hotel occupancy in October 2012

The national Institute of statistics and economic studies, Insee, publishes in its latest monthly survey the figures of the hotel occupancy for the month of October 2012 in the island. A decrease of 11% is recorded over this period.

Reunion: 11% decrease in hotel occupancy in October 2012
In October 2012, attendance to Reunion hotels, with 78 700 nights, a fall by 11% compared to October 2011. It is even lower than October 2010 attendance (-5%). This decline is significant because if the monthly attendance has sometimes dropped this year to a lower level than in 2011, it has so far remained above the attendance of 2010.

Despite a slight increase of 1% of rooms supply, occupancy rate fell sharp by nine points compared to October 2011, to 74%. It was also down by three points compared to October 2010.

From August to October 2012, the hotel occupancy is significantly down compared to the same quarter of 2011 (6.5%). This fall affects this time all categories of hotels, mostly high class hotels (-13 %).

The occupancy for the quarter is down by six points compared to 2011, impacting all categories of hotels in different levels. Four and five-star hotels are the most affected (-10 points), while the hotels three stars are a little more spared (-5 points).

Sill during the quarter, attendance falls drastically throughout the country and in the South (-10%) and Western (-5%) in particular. 
The occupancy rate of the quarter also decreases significantly throughout the country. This decline is greater in the West (-7 points against - 5 points elsewhere), because this area has experienced the strongest increase in the supply room over a year.

Note: The implementation of the new classification of hotels is effective for 34 institutions among the fifty in the island to this day: 28 confirmed their previous ranking and 6 have changed category, impacting indeed, the categories observed in this case, month after month, of the actual investigation on hotel occupancy. 16 schools are waiting for the verdict of their ranking or have not yet begun their process.

Several possibilities available for us to take into account for the new ranking: on a continuous flow basis privileging the actuality of the ranking (but disturbing monthly messages) or a global shift once that all hotels have switched in the new classification. It is this last method we have privileged. We will work "at unchanged classification" for a few months and will then offer you, in a special issue, historical series in the in former and then in new categories.

Hotel attendance survey is carried out since 1972 in Reunion. It concerns all institutions classified. Since January 2004, the Department integrated the national implication of the hotel attendance survey. The occupancy rate is calculated for each month by the ratio of the number of rooms occupied to the number of rooms available for rent. The overnight stays are the nights spent by customers in the hotel establishment. They take into account the number of hosted people and their length of stay. (1 night = 1 person x 1 night).


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