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Receipt of Patrol Vessels

Receipt of Patrol Vessels Donated by the World Bank

Madagascar's patrol vessel
Madagascar's patrol vessel
In a bold move to protect natural resources of Madagascar against illegal trade and smuggling (particularly of expensive timber), the President of the Republic, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, officially oversaw the reception of 4 patrol vessels, donated by the World Bank. The ceremony took place on the 29th of February at the Toamasina Port.
The President announced that he would maintain his commitment alongside the Malagasy government to eradicate illegal trade and smuggling of resources in Madagascar (rosewood, animals, minerals and marine products).
Coralie Gevers, representative of the World Bank, said that they were honoured by the President’s pledge to root out illegal trafficking and smuggling, and that the Malagasy government needed and deserved support from all parties. She added that Madagascar needed more tools in the fight against illegal trafficking and that the recent additions would be of much help. An example of the new tools: the Central Maritime Data-Merging Office in Antananarivo and a set of 4 speedboats that will enable prompt and precise action by the Ministries of the Environment, National Defence and the Police Department (based on information collected by the Data-Merging Office or volunteered by concerned citizens).
The Environment, Ecology and Forest Minister added that the combat against illegal trafficking was a joint effort involving several other ministry departments. The patrol vessels will be supervised by the Ministry of National Defence, specifically by COFONA (Naval Forces Command). They will be patrolling the seas at high-risk areas, especially Analanjorofo, Atsinanana and Sava, hopefully making up for the lack of equipment.
President Rajaonarimampianina expressed his gratitude towards all the parties playing an active role in the fight against illegal trafficking, with a special mention to the World Bank. He added that it was not only up to the President, but to all citizens to take an active part in preventing illegal trafficking and preserving the natural treasures of Madagascar, as well as its reputation in the eyes of the world.

Main Technical Information:
  • Vessel Names: MAZAVA 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Type: Speedboat
  • Port of Registry: Toamasina
  • Date and Place of Construction: Techmarine SARL Antananarivo – November 2015
  • Cost: About 155,000 euros per unit (excluding taxes)
  • Boat Model: TM 30’
  • Features:
    • Capacity of 10 + Pilot and co-pilot
    • Lightship Weight: 2500 kg
    • Total Laden Weight: 4,800 kg
    • Draught: 85 cm
    • Length: 10 m
    • Width: 3.1 m
  • Equipment:
    • 1,000 litre fuel tank
    • VHF radio
    • SD memory card with East Africa GPS map, GPS navigation system, depth sounder, radar

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