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Operation Carte blanche on Facebook of the vanilla Islands

Photo Lionel Ghighi
Photo Lionel Ghighi
Promote a region is often a difficult choice on the positioning but also and especially on images that are put forward.
The association of vanilla Islands* wishes to engage a large number of local actors in its action to promote on social networks to make images that are broadcast from the choice of the greatest number.
That is why, it launched the operation "Carte blanche to...”
It is, at first, to give the editorship to a photographer on each island.
Each week, the latter will highlight his island, and select photos that seem to be the most representative.
The artistic choice being only his, without interference or proposal for the structure of the vanilla Islands. He is thus directly involved to show Internet users his personal vision of tourism.
This action starts with a young photographer, Lionel Ghighi, who will show what he considers as best representative of Reunion Island.
You will find the choice of this photographer on

You can also visit to appreciate his work.
For those wishing to also be part of the adventure, just apply by mail
* Reunion, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Mayotte and the Maldives Island


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