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Mayotte: Three humanitarian associations of metropolis on the move in the island of perfumes

Photo Orange Mayotte
Photo Orange Mayotte
A few weeks before the visit of the president Francois Hollande in July to Mayotte, the Secours Catholique-Caritas France wants to fight against poverty on the island of perfumes by mobilizing on the field.
Since Sunday, a delegation of members of the humanitarian association and accompanied by several representatives of the apprentices of Auteuil and Médecins du Monde, as well as parliamentarians and of institutional, is currently at Mayotte for a week of travel in the heart of the island to meet the local associative actors, social partners and local authorities.
François Soulage, president of Secours Catholique, Bernard Prévost, president of the apprentices of Auteuil, and Olivier Lebel, Director General of Medecins du Monde, had thus landed in Mayotte with their teams.
Senator Felix Desplan, Member of the Senate delegation to the overseas, Bernard Lesterlin, Member of the Allier, and member of the Commission of laws, and Eustase Jancky, Member of the economic, social and environmental Council are also part of this trip in Mahoran land.
The purpose of these three humanitarian associations is to remind the Republic its commitments towards the French citizens and especially for the youth of the island of Mayotte.
 "With 36% of unemployed person and a quarter of the population living below the poverty line, the island of Mayotte - become the 101st French Department in March 2011 - is in a deplorable economic and social situation. Mahoran Youth, which today represents the half of the population of the island, does not have the same access rights as the young metropolitans: right to identity, right to protection, right to education, right to formation, right to the highest attainable standard of health possible", wrote the Secours Catholique on his site..

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