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Mayotte: The security record in 2013 released between illegal immigration, and delinquency

The assessment of security for the year 2013 was made public yesterday.
Thus, the figures relating to interceptions of kwassas show an increase of boats intercepted (15.5%), but less with illegal immigrants on the edge.
476 boats have been thus been caught in 2013 with 10.610 illegal immigrants arrested and 518 smugglers were the subject of a placement in custody at sight.
Furthermore apart from kwassas illegal immigrants, police forces conducted 15.908 deportation at the border for people "without papers".
In 2012, 16.389 detained had been the subject of this procedure for escort to the border.
For their part, acts of delinquency which most are "crimes against property" increased by 11% in Mayotte in comparison to the figures recorded in 2012.
7.458 made criminal so identified with particular 1.985 burglaries.
Minors are also involved in 36% of acts of delinquency and 93% of minors are implicated in burglaries which the perpetrators have been identified.
In addition, the number of acts of violence against the person (physical or verbal) also rose with 1,604 cases listed in 2013 in Mayotte, as reported by the Journal of Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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