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Mayotte: The new amphidrome, Georges Nahouda, made its first laps in the Mahoran lagoon

Photo Le Journal de Mayotte
Photo Le Journal de Mayotte
The new amphidromous, Georges Nahouda *, which will make the connection between Grande Terre to Petite Terre made its first laps on Tuesday in the lagoon of Mayotte.
Georges Nahouda joins the two other double-ended and the four barges of the Service of Maritime Transport (STM) under the General Council of Mayotte.
Built in Mauritius in the shipyard of the Indian Ocean for 5.8 million euro, the new amphidrome, Georges Nahouda, measures more than 39 meters long, as shown in Le Journal de Mayotte.
As a reminder, almost 4 million people borrow each year the barges in Mayotte.
* Georges Nahouda is at the initiative of the Mahoran departmentalised movement and attachment to France

Assani Badrudin

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