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Mayotte: The general Council prepares a convention of cooperation decentralised with the island of Mohéli

Saïd Ahamadicalled Raos, the general counsel of Koungou
Saïd Ahamadicalled Raos, the general counsel of Koungou
The third Vice-Chairman of the general Council of Mayotte, Saïd Ahamadi is moving on the autonomous island of Mohéli in the Comoros, where he met Mohamed Ali Saïd, the Governor of Mohéli.

The purpose of this meeting is the preparation of a convention of decentralized cooperation alongside the governorate of Moheli, as indicated in the online newspaper Mayotte Hebdo. 
"It will be a first for the autonomous islands of the Union of the Comoros. The general Council is ready to invest in projects of economic, social and cultural development. A delegation of seven people including the Governor will come to Mayotte on 18 to 24 September to sign this convention", said the general counsel of the city of Koungou.

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