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Mayotte: The case of the lawyer of the Mahorian Barreau suspected of attempted rape will be bewildered in Reunion

The case of the Mahorian lawyer Jacques Tchibozo will be disoriented by the prosecutor of Mayotte in Reunion.
The request was made to the General Prosecutor of Saint-Denis, who accepted the judicial request. A judge will soon be appointed in Reunion, as revealed Kwezi Television.

Master Jacques Tchibozo, promising Mahorian Barreau lawyer and Vice-President of the League of Human Rights of Mayotte, which was sworn in 2002, was taken into custody in early Tuesday afternoon, following complaints of four women, one of his secretaries and a lawyer.

An extension of custody has also been notified after the statutory period and the second act is now happening in a hospital room as Master Jacques Tchibozo placed in escrow, on account of his diabetic condition.

Four women accuse the lawyer of sexual assault and attempted rape, while they were working in the many firms of Master Jacques Tchibozo had opened on l'île aux parfums.

The lawyer has even pushed down the stairs one of his secretaries who came out with multiple bruises.
Its main office at Petite-Terre was searched on Tuesday by police in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Saïdal barrister and prosecutor Philippe Faisandier of Mayotte, as required by law.
As a reminder, Master Tchibozo has already been in trouble with the law and had two convictions on his criminal record, a first for a threat to judge applications sentences in the Magistrates Court of Bordeaux and a second for rebellion at a trivial identity check at the station of the city of Bordeaux.

Anli Saendou

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