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Mayotte: The Mahoran kick-boxing world champion, Hirachidine Saindou, back in his native island to facilitate sporting activities

Photo Archive Le Journal de Mayotte
Photo Archive Le Journal de Mayotte
The Mahoran Boxer, originally from Cavani, Hirachidine Saindou, and military to the 35th artillery regiment paratrooper of Tarbes, who wore high the colours of its international island of Mayotte on the sporting scene in winning the world title in Kickboxing in the category of less than 67 kilos February 22, arrived in Mayotte this Thursday, July 31, 2014 around 12h25.
After a flash passage in early March on the island of Mayotte after his victory in Pau against the Croatian Marinko Mati, Hirachidine Saindou will stay this time for a month in his native island at the invitation of the General Council and the local authorities of the Ministry of youth and Sports.
World kick-boxing champion will host sporting activities targeting Mahoran youth, and this, during the school holidays, as reported by Kwezi Television (KTV).
As a reminder, Hirachidine Saindou Hirach alias for the respondents is also quadruple champion of France of French boxing (savate) and European champion in full contact.

Assani Badrudin

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