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Mayotte: The Mahoran company Ewa, green lights for the last six months

The Mahoran airline company Ewa, who had lost one million euros for its first fiscal year, will soon complete its second year in the wake of a deficit that has now reached some 300,000 euros.
For the past six months, the operating profit have nevertheless turned green with 200,000 euros generated. The company's board of directors thus aim between April 2015 and March 2016 benefits assessed again to 200,000 euros for the next financial year. Officials of Ewa are also considering to enhance trade fleet of the company. A second type of device ATR 72-500 and 42-500 were to be praised.
As a reminder, the Mahoran Ewa Company with Air Austral main shareholder, with more than 52% of the 4.4 million euros of capital, is also owned 47.7% by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mayotte (22.7%) and the company Ylang Invest (25%).


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