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Mayotte: The Departmental Tourism Committee of Mayotte boasts the beauty of its lagoon in Paris

While the 17th edition of the diving event takes place to this day at the Paris Exhibition Centre (9-12 January 2014) after four days placed under the theme of exploration, the Tourism Committee of Mayotte (ICRMW) wanted to honor the Mahoran lagoon, first Marine Park of overseas since January 2010.
Thanks to its double coral reefs, its 1,100 km2 which welcomes more than 2,300 marine species, over 760 varieties of fish and 300 species of coral, the lagoon of Mayotte is one of the most beautiful sites worldwide to practice diving.
And 735 hectares of mangroves give the island of Mayotte a unique position to see evolving whales, dolphins and turtles. 11 diving centers and dozens of water sports facilities are currently operating in Mayotte.


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