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Mayotte: Students of the CM2 forced to repeat, shortage of places in the sixth standard, in the constituency of Koungou

Photo d'illustration
Photo d'illustration
While the department of Mayotte is in serious lack of places to accommodate students in colleges and high schools on l'île aux parfums, administrative instructions have been sent to teachers of CM2 classes of Koungou constituency.

He has specifically asked them to pass in the sixth grade, no more than 82% of the workforce, as revealed by the television Kwezi.

However, if the quota is exceeded, the older students are a priority for the next grade, as students over 12 years may not repeat at the end of primary school.
Such a system could be detrimental in the long term for students with level access to the sixth grade, but forced to repeat because of their young age.

Assani Badrudin

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