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Mayotte: Shocking campaign of communication against poaching of turtles

The turtle protection association began since the middle of last week a shocking communication campaign to raise awareness of the Mahoran population on poaching of sea turtles on the beaches of Mayotte.
"M'sika nyamba lisha" proclaims the poster in shimaore. Meaning "Turtle poachers, stop!".
Poachers commit their misdeeds at night. "In order to avoid the fin strokes during the cutting, they start by cutting the ligaments ... The turtle stops struggling and undergoes its fate. The throat is cut with a sharp blow and the animal bleed out. The men activate their knives and open the shell ... after opening the shell, flesh and organs are been carefully removed and cut into pieces before being collected in rice bags, "explain the members who want to fight against the increase in poaching in recent months.
As a reminder, the Mayotte network of marine mammals and sea turtles (REMMAT) have recently accounted 350 dead hawksbill turtles, 80% were victims of poaching on the island of perfumes in 2014.


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