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Mayotte: Scuffle between officials strikers and mobile gendarmes outside the gates of the Port of Longoni

Photo Le Journal de Mayotte
Photo Le Journal de Mayotte
Officials on strike in Mayotte, demonstrating their anger since early November against the taxation of their remoteness allowance from 2014, have attempted to invest the port of Longoni yesterday Tuesday in the morning.
Outside the closed gates, the spirits are quickly heated and to be heard in Paris, officials on strike set fire to tyres of truck releasing quickly the plumes of black smoke.

Firefighters had to intervene to extinguish the burning tires. Mobile gendarmes were deployed to secure the intervention of soldiers from the fire taking away the strikers.

A striker who wanted to retrieve a flag of CGT Education smoky a few steps from fire and pursued by a mobile policeman was wrestled to the ground by the military.

This incident resulted in a short fight between police and strikers, as indicated in the journal of Mayotte.
They then launched spikes against the Government: "How is that the Socialist Government!" or "Afghanistan!".
For Frédéric Muller of SNES-FSU, "it was to be expected, it is a gesture of despair".

Assani Badrudin

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