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Mayotte: Scientific Exploration on the islet of M'Tsamboro

A scientific mission was deployed for a week on the islet of M'Tsamboroin the north of Mayotte, with inventorying forecasts for the flora places and draw the plant heritage of Mayotte which recognizes 700 native species and 50 endemic species.

Members of the National Botanical Conservatory of Mascarin (CBNM) and naturalists on the island of perfumes accompanied by several amateur botanists have thus harnessed to the task on the islet of in the middle M'Tsamboro protected species.

Scientists have discovered particular plant never previously listed in the Mahoran flora and found that on ridges preserved primary forest of the island, bananas grow in surprising ways nestled in the hills.
Scientists were also able to meet a coastline of dunes where the specific vegetation of the island was partially destroyed by human action over the years, a victim of tourism, illegal migrants who take refuge or the inhabitants of the island who cultivate the land by the sea, as indicated by the journal of Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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