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Mayotte: Raid on the headquarters of the Mahoran Football League

Mayotte: Raid on the headquarters of the Mahoran Football League
The headquarters of the Football League in Mayotte was raided yesterday by the police and gendarmes of the regional Intervention Group (GIR) in the wake of an investigation of embezzlement of public funds, as indicated in Kewezi Television.

Because since the recent redesign of the GIR on the island of perfumes, the police now have at their disposal a financial specialist who took over particularly this old folder where two complaints had already filed, including one by the current president of the LMF, Boina Riziki.

The former president of the Mahoran Football League, Enly Mahamoudou, is thus suspected to be at the heart of a vast system of embezzlement of public funds.
As a reminder, the Mahoran Football League has experienced a long descent to the underworld, with the risk of falling under a liquidation kick, and, after suspicion of an opaque accounting.

Kewezi Television evokes "restaurant of 6000 euros notes, travel in shambles, plane tickets, hardware that disappeared including laptops containing accounting".
The former director general of services was auditioned on this matter, before being placed under the regime of custody.

Kewezi Television also reported that a furniture ordered in 2009, under the former presidency, a value of more than 6,000 euro delivered recently at the headquarters of the Mahoran Football League.

Assani Badrudin

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