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Mayotte: Publication of the Decree of indexing in the Official Journal

Mayotte: Publication of the Decree of indexing in the Official Journal
Victorin Lurel, Minister of overseas, signed Friday, October 18 the Decree on indexing of officials and which has just been published in the official Journal (OJ) of the Republic. 
Treatment increase allocated to officials of the State and the public hospital service as well as judges in post in Mayotte is now recorded since October 28, 2013, OJ, as indicated by the journal of Mayotte.

The decree 2013-964 "has as objective to create, following the example of what exists in other overseas departments, an advance over indexed salary for State civil servants and the public hospitals well for judges serving in the Department of Mayotte ".  "Its implementation is done in a progressive increase in the rate to reach 40% at 1 January 2017."
The rate of increase "applicable to indexed salary" basis is scaled as follows:

- From January 1 to December 31, 2013: 5%

- From January 1 to the 31 December 2014: 10%

- From January 1 to the 31 December 2015: 20%

- From January 1 to the 31 December 2016: 30%

- Beginning of the 1st January 2017: 40%.

As announced, the text is thus applicable from 1 January 2013 with retroactive effect and catching up on the salaries of civil servants for the calendar year may be scheduled in the month of December.
As a reminder, due to strikes that shook Mayotte officials during the first months of the year, the Government has decided to index the salaries of the three public functions exercised on the island of perfumes, with a rate of supernumerary of 40 % as Guadeloupe and Martinique.
A major project that the government wanted to finally settle for the horizon of 2017, with a gradual increase in wages provided each year.

Assani Badrudin

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