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Mayotte: Public policies on Overseas decrypted at the heart of a report

Photo - Le Journal de Mayotte
Photo - Le Journal de Mayotte
The Deputy of Mayotte, Ibrahim Aboubacar, has recently announced during a workshop on the institutional framework that the national commission of public policy evaluation of the State in Overseas has delivered its report on 14 October.
The Committee observes several shortcomings. Thus, the policy implemented in late 2012, to regulate prices begins to have an impact on the food products.
In addition, although there was a significant increase in the number of constructions housing needs remain above those previously emerged from the ground.
At the level of youth employment, the Commission recommends among others to intensify allocations for contracts civic service and suitable military service (AMS) for young ultramarine, as reported by the Journal de Mayotte newspaper.
According to the Mahoran Deputy, "there has been no impact statement policies previously conducted ... when time is short, the government advance order, preventing any possible debate."

Abu Bakr Siddeeq Ameeruddin

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