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Mayotte: Partnerships clear the Governor House covered with graffiti

The Governor's House *, in Mayotte, situated on the heights of Mamoudzou in Convalescence, with stunning views of the city below, is in a worrying state with some walls covered with graffiti.
What made several Mahoran associations react, who have decided to roll up the sleeves by launching a vast cleaning operation this weekend to save this historical heritage in perdition.
 Approximately 50 young people have participated in the cleaning of the site, as reported by site Kwezi Television.
As a reminder, nestled in the heart of a forest of bamboo, cinnamon and badamiers, the Governor's Mansion of Mayotte and former residence of successive governors Mayotte during the colonial era, the Creole architecture, has had a turbulent history.
A violent storm in 1953 swept the island of perfumes and strongly damage walls. The building is neglected due to the climate catastrophe.
In 1970, the Foreign Legion occupied the site restores it summarily. Military leave the scene a few years later.
* The Governor's House was listed as a historical monument of France

Assani Badrudin

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