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Mayotte: Over 38,600 middle school and high school students welcomed to next school year in September

Middle school and high school Mahoran students were 18,379 to be enumerated in Mayotte in 2003. For the next school year in September 2015, 38,654 students will be welcomed. They will thus be 25,830 to join colleges of the island and 12,824 to attend classes in different schools of the department.
16 colleges were opened in 2003, 20 schools are now in 2015. 7 colleges were counted in 2003 against 10 high schools this year.
 The college Doujani will thus be in the coming year the largest college in France with 1,830 listed students. This will be followed closely by Mtsamboro and its 1807 college students accounted. For its part, the school Mamoudzou open its gates to 2,663 students in September 2015.


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