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Mayotte: Notice of strike of civil servants for October 29

Photo Le Journal de Mayotte
Photo Le Journal de Mayotte
Officials of Mayotte, metropolitan and those from other DOM (judges, police officers, customs officers, hospital staff) have launched a strike on October 29 to protest against the taxation of their remoteness premium already seen that wishes to impose the government.

The trade unions have thus reassembled after the position shown by the Minister of Overseas Victorin Lurel on this subject during his visit last weekend at Mayotte.
Victorin Lurel had said in a French department there are rights and duties, and that officials had to pay their taxes.
The point that unions officials of Mayotte do not dispute.

But they oppose the imposition for revenues 2013 of their remoteness allowances already received by officials and that had been announced as a first step, as non-taxable, as indicated by the newspaper of Mayotte.
For police unions (synergy, Alliance, UNSA or the SNAPATSI representing administrative and technical officers), police officers deployed in the island of perfumes are indebted to tax services the sum of 10,000 euros on average for each official.

Assani Badrudin

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