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Mayotte: No cases of malaria reported in 2013

Mayotte: No cases of malaria reported in 2013
The department of Mayotte has not seen cases of malaria during the first nine months of 2013, while last year 25 people were infected.

Officials of vector to the regional agency of health (ARS) nevertheless remain vigilant and recognize that prevention started in November 2010 with the introduction of the insecticide treated nets of long duration, in the North of Grande Terre, has borne fruit.

ARS officials have already distributed to population of Mayotte not less than 60,000 nets and Pamandzi as well as Bouéni will be the next cities to benefit from these endowments in nets.
The latter do fall to the ground under the effect of insecticides the stegomyia vectors of dengue and chikungunya, as well as the Anopheles mosquito which transmit malaria and mosquitoes die and in most cases are eaten by ants.

On the other hand, climatic conditions, with a wet season very weakly rainy last year and a very pronounced dry season probably contributed to the collapse of the vector threat on the island of perfumes, as relates the newspaper of Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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