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Mayotte: New hearings conducted in Reunion Island in the case of Roukia

Judge Hakim Karki of the High Court of Mamoudzou in Mayotte in charge to investigate the case Roukia is in Reunion since Monday, December 9th, 2013.
The judge carries this afternoon to new auditions and confrontations in Reunion Island.

The ex-boyfriend of Roukia and former boss of the young girl, who have concealed the body of the latter are thus heard by the judge.

The lifeless body of Roukia, aged 18, was discovered 15 January 2011, half buried in the north of Mamoudzou.

The young schoolgirl died according to the autopsy after a severe overdose of heroin, drug delivery would have been indirectly on the local market by agents of enforcement of Mayotte who were serving at the time of the facts in regional Response group (GIR) and this, via their Comorian indicators appointed locally "uncles."

There is a little more than one week, the former boss of the GIR, Gérard Gautier, was freed, placed under judicial supervision, after being put into consideration in Mayotte for "complicity in drug trafficking" and assisting illegal stay by the judge of instruction  Hakim Karki. 
Several gendarmes and police officers who exercised their function within GIR are also indicted for drug trafficking in band organized in the context of this case.

Assani Badrudin

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