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Mayotte: Marine Natural Park publishes the state of health of corals of the Mahoran lagoon

A study conducted by the Marine Natural Park of Mayotte responsible for the health of coral reefs was conducted in 2013 to assess the state of preservation of corals in the Mahoran lagoon.
Results show for "fringing reefs" an average coverage in hard corals of the order of 30% in Grande Terre, with a better distribution in the West and in the East.
The bleaching phenomenon which struck coral in 2010 not nevertheless caused a substantial mortality of corals.
Marine natural park of Mayotte also stressed "a development of the species of the more robust corals in response to the pressures of human origin, at the expense of more fragile corals" and also states that "the recovery has increased" while "the diversity of species of corals, has decreased".
For the reef at the level of the barrier, a decrease in overall coral cover since 2004 to approximately 16%, related to the algae, and repeated bleaching phenomena has been observed.

"The average live coral coverage is thus overall low between 23% and 29% for more than 70% of coral dead on some sites. Furthermore, an evolution of the types of corals to more rustic and massive forms are observed", as reported by the Journal of Mayotte newspaper.
The internal reef displayed on their side "a good resistance to the phenomena of bleaching by the observation of a significant increase in the areas covered by corals".
As a reminder, belted a barrier of reefs of 195 kilometers long, the lagoon of Mayotte has a second barrier inside its waters, a geological phenomenon of an extreme rarity.
The Decree of January 18, 2010 has also paved the way for the first marine natural park created overseas on 68.381 km2 with the immense Mahoran lagoon, turquoise blue colour of 1,100 km2, where 250 varieties of corals and 2.300 marine species cohabit, including majestic sea turtles.

Assani Badrudin

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