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Mayotte: MEDEF Mayotte appeals for the introduction of the interim in the 101st department

The president of MEDEF Mayotte, Thierry Galarme wants to again interpellate the public authorities on the implementation of the interim in the 101st department.
To make himself heard on the subject, the boss of the MEDEF Mayotte sent a letter to Monique Grimaldi, the director of the Dieccte (Enterprise Directorate of Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment) and transmitted a copy to the Prefect of Mayotte, Seymour Morsy.
"Despite several requests MEDEF Mayotte, legislation in metropolitan public law, in force in all the other departments overseas permitting the temporary businesses, is still not implemented in the employment rights of Mayotte.
In fact, the installation of temporary work in Mayotte would have several beneficial effects, such as creating jobs in the sectors of construction, service, catering, services, etc. In addition, the interim provide greater flexibility for enterprises, economic development factor and a greater possibility of professional integration for employees.
Indeed, the interim companies usually have a training policy for their employees higher than other businesses: their employees enjoy benefits in terms of remuneration and temporary regularly leads to permanent hires in the company. This would be a brake more concealed employment and this even facilitates the work to monitoring your services.
Companies MEDEF strongly wish the rapid establishment of the legislation in Mayotte. Also, I therefore ask you once again on this matter by strongly hope that it may reach in this year 2015, "the president of MEDEF in Mayotte, Thierry Galarme.


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