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Mayotte: List of the shield quality price making waves

Mayotte: List of the shield quality price making waves
Consumer associations and other unions of Mayotte are angry about the list of 76 products, unveiled as part of the shield quality price.
According to these critics, the agreement between the prefect of Mayotte, Jacques Witkowski, and the leaders of the mass distribution of the island of perfumes is called "deception and provocation."
"The Mahorais were betrayed," say unanimously associations and unions that require a new round for a complete renegotiation of the contents of the list presented.
For them, the products retained the shield agreement of quality price are not those previously negotiated with the former prefect, Thomas Degos, now based in France.
They also invite the population mahoraise not to lower vigilance in the fight against high prices initiated since 2011 to Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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