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Mayotte: Insee analyses statistical results 2012 of the population of the island

Insee introduced yesterday hiser analysis of the statistical results of the Mayotte population for 2012, which accounted for 212,645 inhabitants and published last November.
The department of Mayotte thus has a population which increases by 2.7% each year.
In the wake of a poorly performing civil status since only 400 deaths were officially reported annually, Insee has developed a pattern approach that takes into account the average recorded in Guyana and the data listed in the Comoros.
30.913 more inhabitants between 2007 and 2012

According to its calculations and the established assumption, they are thus 30.913 persons who have been identified and more between 2007 and 2012, as reported by the Journal of Mayotte.
There are 35.540 births and net migration (the difference between arrivals and departures) is for its part negative.
14,900 Mahoran have left their island
Between 2007 and 2012, more than 6,700 metropolitans had elected residence in Mayotte as well as 3,500 foreigners for most of Comorian descent, while 14,900 Mahorais have left their island.
The youngest department of France
60% of the population Mayotte has also less than 25 years and half of the inhabitants of Mayotte has less than 17 and a half years. Which positions Mayotte, as the youngest department of France. Compared to France, the median age is around 39 years.
4.1 children per women
The fertility of women in Mayotte is high, 4.1 children per women, compared to about 2 children per woman in metropolis. This rate was around 5% in 2007.
The pyramid of ages is similar to that of "southern countries", with an over representation of youth under 20 years.
Young adults (20-30 years) leave also in very large numbers the Department of Mayotte for their studies, or to fit professionally outside the island. 
85,000 foreign citizens in 2012, or 40% of the population
As in 2007, the proportion of foreigners in the population of Mayotte is close to 40%.
And their number has increased at the same time the Mahoran population shift from 75,000 in 2007 to about 85,000 in 2012.
On the 85,000 counted foreigners, 33,000 were born in France, and are mostly of minors who will be entitled to claim French nationality upon majority.
In 2012, 52,000 foreign are adults.
95% of foreign citizens in Mayotte are of Comorian nationality, and 4% only are of Malagasy.
52% of foreigners reside in Mamoudzou and Koungou.
Seven out of ten people over 15 years have no qualifications
In addition, seven people out of ten for more 15 years in Mayotte have no qualifications, including a third party who has never in school.
The majority of these people, without a degree in his pocket, were born abroad (59%), but more than 39% of them were born in Mayotte.
In 2012, the population living in Mayotte is 11% of high school graduates and 9.75% have earned a university degree.
Holders of a CAP or a BEP also represent 9% of the population of the island.
According to Insee, 56% of young people 15 to 29 years who have not completed their curriculum are not so of 'diploma qualifying' and this figure rises to 71% for the population as a whole.
36.6% of the population in unemployment
The island of Mayotte are 52,300 assets aged 15 to 64 years, or a 46% very low activity level, specifies Insee, compared with 72% of the metropolitan France.
19,000 people declare themselves unemployed, or 36.6% of the population. The tertiary sector represents 83% of jobs in Mayotte and almost 95% of female jobs.

Assani Badrudin

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