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Mayotte: Government renounces the taxation of the premium remoteness of officials

Photo Le journal de Mayotte
Photo Le journal de Mayotte
Officials of Mayotte, metropolitan and those from the other DOM (judges, police, customs, hospital personal teachers) who were on strike on Tuesday to protest against the taxation of their premium won a first battle.

The Minister of overseas, Victorin Lurel, announced on the same day in the evening during the work parliamentary National Assembly on the 2014 budget that "revenues collected in 2013 and in 2014 will be unaffected by this taxation", in response to a question from Ibrahim Aboubacar, Member of Parliament for Mayotte.
 It is "a first gesture of appeasement" from the Government according to Ibrahim Aboubacar, as the journal of Mayotte relates.

Because the taxation of the premium already perceived by officials must nevertheless be relayed year-end by geographic hardship allowance (ISG) which will impact directly plugs pay newcomers into the Department of Mayotte, with a decrease in salary.

Assani Badrudin

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