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Mayotte: General blackout on the island of perfumes

The island of Mayotte has been diving in the dark late afternoon of yesterday during 10 hours following a general blackout throughout the Department, after that two production plants have ceased to supply the Mahorain network.

"A return to normal was found on Thursday morning, but in the meantime, patrols have been deployed to ensure public safety," announced France Info in the morning.
"Early evening, almost all of the mobile phone of the island did not work, except in Petite-Terre", said the prefect of the island of perfumes, Jacques Witkowski.

"But we have managed to maintain emergency phones and fixed part of the telephone network", also says the State representative on the island which explains that an operational centre was opened to handle the situation.
"We first protected Government transmission centres, insured the operation of generators in hospitals and emergency services established mobile lighting on the terminals", also indicates the prefect of Mayotte, Jacques Witkowski.

According to the latter, the cause of this failure is due to a "cumulating of errors which would have caused a series of incidents in cascades and disconnected the network".

Assani Badrudin

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