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Mayotte: Former Muslim judges want computers and cars in function of the general Council

Photo d'illustration
Photo d'illustration
The 18 former Muslims judges, the cadis and remunerated by the General Council do not want to lose the prestige of their judicial office passed to Mayotte.
To best fulfill their new responsibilities as religious counselors, the cadis asked the president of the local authority of Mayotte to give at their disposal a service of 125 people with company cars, laptops and internet connection.
An internal service which alone cost the General Council of Mayotte, 4 million euro annually in operating costs.
As a reminder, the ancient judges of customary Koranic law Mayotte, wearing the traditional koffia, have no judicial power on l'île aux parfums, from an order signed by the Government in June 2010.
The text only gives them the right to attend the magistrates taking on the role of religious counselors in certain local affairs.

Assani Badrudin

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