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Mayotte: For the Ambassador of France in Comoros, “Mayotte will never be Comorian”

Archive photo, the Ambassador of France in Comoros, Robby Judes (center of photo)
Archive photo, the Ambassador of France in Comoros, Robby Judes (center of photo)
The displacement last week on Moheli Island of the Ambassador of France to the Comoros, Robby Judes has been at the origin of a new controversy between the two countries.
The diplomat affirmed that France and the Comoros should embark on the road of mutual healing and should be working together for the development of the Comoros archipelago instead of some fanning the issue of territoriality of French island of Mayotte. According to him, “Mayotte will never be Comorian ".
In response, the Committee Maoré organization which advocates the incorporation of Mayotte in Comoros, considers "absurd" the words of the French ambassador to the Comoros, highlighting that "France and its diplomats may at no moment change the course of the history by trampling the relevant UN resolutions. ""Comorian Mayotte is from the Quaternary period, and will remain so forever," claims the Maoré Committee.
As a reminder, the Comoros celebrated last year the 39th anniversary of their official recognition as an independent nation within the United Nations. The 3385 resolution of the United Nations called upon the international community to "respect unity and the territorial integrity of the Comoros archipelago, consisting of the islands of Anjouan, Grande Comore, Mayotte and Moheli" .
Comoros, under the leadership of Ahmed Abdallah, declared their independence on July 6, 1975. The December 1974 referendum, a large majority (95%) in Grande Comore, Moheli and Anjouan, for sovereignty of all Comoro Islands, sealed the fate of the new state of the Comoros.
The Mayotte Island nevertheless decided to remain on the fringes of the independence movement and voted in 1976 in two referendums on February 8 and April 11 for its attachment to the French Republic. Since 31 March 2011, Mayotte has acquired the status of French department becoming the fifth department overseas territories.


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