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Mayotte: Five new cases of dengue identified within two weeks on the island

 Officials of the vector control at the regional Health Agency (ARS) of Mayotte recorded on the department over the past two weeks (from January 27 to February 9, 2014), five new cases of dengue and have issued a news alert for travellers and Mahoran population.

Three cases of dengue fever were identified especially imported from the Comoros and a second indigenous case in the island since the beginning of the year were also noted, as indicated by the regional agency of health in Mayotte.
Thus, since January 1, 2014, 19 cases of dengue fever have been identified in Mayotte "16 imported, both Aboriginal and one of unknown origin" underlines the ARS.

The regional health agency continues to deploy on the territory Mayotte its device monitoring and preventive measures, in order to contain a possible spread of the virus to Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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