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Mayotte: Fifty retirees are in association to defend their rights

Mahorais retirees have decided to make themselves heard. Fifty of them were gathered and after a call for mobilization launched on the radio waves.

Retirees of Mayotte have thus organize against the “too many injustices" which they call themselves victims and have formed in association to defend their rights face particularly to the Fund of social security of Mayotte (MRSS).
"We do not receive the bulletins which should accompany each month our pensions. And when missing a document, they shall immediately suspend the payments of pensions and put several months thereafter to regularize" finds a bitter retreat.
The latter also mentions the frequent delay in the payment of his pension which is credited around the 15th of the month instead of the date of the 8 as originally planned.
The absence of a minimum age in Mayotte is also another reason for their current anger with backdrop of small pensions which they are paid, as relates the newspaper of Mayotte, with a maximum of 343,71 euros for a single person and 618,68 euros for a married couple.

"The elected, we never heard them talk of pensioners in Mayotte, as if it did not exist. No one wants to really watch the living conditions of his father or his grandfather when he suffers," concludes the retiree.

Assani Badrudin

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