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Mayotte: Face to face tensioned between strikers officials and security forces outside the prefecture

Photo Journal of Mayotte
Photo Journal of Mayotte
Civil servants on strike in Mayotte including a large majority of teachers who express their anger since the beginning of last week against the taxation of their compensation to expel as provided in 2014, manifested again yesterday morning in the streets Mamoudzou.

700 demonstrators according to the police estimations and 1000 for the intersyndicale participated in in the procession which left the Republic Square and headed to the Vice-rector where was expecting a large deployment of gendarmes securing the access.
Then depending on the route originally planned, officials went on strike in front of the prefecture where again the police were positioned behind barriers securely fastened together by chains.

The strikers who had decided to give the prefect Jacques Witkowski, an imposing mass of letters registered and signed to inform him symbolically "in the context of a mass start" of their "decision to return to" their "original assignment "were thus stranded at about fifty meters of the prefecture.
Dozens of strikers then tried to force the security cordon manned by gendarmes and police, before the protesters dispersed around noon.
"It is the energy of despair," said Frédéric Muller, FSU representative and member of the inter-trade union association.
Representatives of trade unions have nevertheless put to the prefect of Mayotte some 250 requests for early departure.
Another bad news for striker officials, "accommodation differential" they enjoyed would be removed from 1 January 2014.

This housing assistance ranging from 50 to 300 euros per month is based on the amount of rent and the level of pay for each employee.
"We did not get anything this is the least we can say! We still have an advantage," criticizes Thierry Wuillez, co-secretary general of the department SNES.
Over the term of the General Assembly, the intersyndicale opted for a change in the protest actions undertaken in the field.
Schools blocking was particularly suspended as early as this Friday.
And the vast majority of civil servants should return to work today, while maintaining the pressure with a unitary manifestation scheduled for Thursday, November 21 in the wake of a strike notice still ongoing until the end of next week.
Trade unions also exhorts his troops to the "resignation in establishments of all functions and activities: coordinators, educational advice, common duty, various projects".
Union leaders called in the wake to boycott of class councils, white examinations and even end-of-year exams, as shown in the journal of Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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