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Mayotte: European Deputy, Yunus Omarjee, wishes to register the Mahoran lagoon in the world heritage of humanity

According to the newspaper Mayotte Matin, Yunus Omarjee wishes to include the Mahoran lagoon in world heritage of humanity.

The lagoon of Mayotte, is "one of the greatest and most beautiful lagoons in the world" as proclaim loud and clear officials of Tourism "the island in the lagoon".
Belted a barrier of reefs of 195 kilometers long, the lagoon of Mayotte also presents a second barrier inside its waters, a geological phenomenon of an extreme rarity.
The Decree of January 18, 2010 has also paved the way for the first marine natural park created overseas on 68.381 km2 with the immense mahoran lagoon, turquoise blue color of 1,100 km2, where 250 varieties of corals and 2.300 marine species cohabit, including majestic sea turtles.

Assani Badrudin

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