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Mayotte: End of the strike by employees of barges

The strike started on December 2, agents depending on the general Council of Mayotte, and servicing barges and pockets within the service of shipping (STM) ended after the signing of a protocol for end of conflict last night.
Strikers and the direction of the STM have found a way out of crisis and rotations of the barges were again able to work since Friday morning, according to the newspaper of Mayotte.
The current chief operating officer whose unions demanded the resignation remains in position for another 3 months, before then assign new responsibilities within the STM.
The president of the general Council of Mayotte, Daniel Zaïdani, also participated in the negotiations which led to this release.
As a reminder, 4 million people borrow each year barges from Mayotte linking Petite-Terre to Grande Terre, which makes this the first ferry from France service binding.

Assani Badrudin

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