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Mayotte: Dry season marked on île aux parfums

Austral winter with a dry season marked is currently being registered in Mayotte.
The weakness of recorded rainfall thus reaches records almost never registered for more than 50 years.
The second semester of the year 2014 has thus saw the precipitations fell of 52% compared to habitual records. The months of May and June 2014 has experienced for their part a decrease of rainfall of 66%.
The meteorological station of Pamandzi, the most ancient one implanted in the heart of the department, has received only 10mm of rains in May and about 1mm of rains in June this year.
The weakness of rainfall in the region of Pamandzi has not been noted since 1950, as indicates the Journal de Mayotte newspaper.
“Usually, in this period of trade wind in the dry season, we should notice downpour in the morning”, precise Ahmed Zouhair, forecaster at Meteo France Mayotte. “During the night, the sea cools less than the air, clouds forms, it is the phenomenon of the sea breeze. Regularly, in early morning and till 9a.m it should rain in certain zones”.
However, this meteo schema favouring the precipitations have been taken place in Mayotte in 2014 on really rare occasions.

Assani Badrudin

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