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Mayotte: Doctors and nurses from France and Reunion in the island to sensitize on the importance of organ donation

Doctors and nurses from France and also together with health professionals from Reunion are currently in the Mahoran land to sensitize the local population of organ donation as part of a third information campaign in the department.
52 Mahoran have already had the opportunity to be transplanted and 37 others with renal failure are waiting for a kidney transplant. "The subject is important and people should not be coxed due to lack of information," said Marie-Pierre Crespa, doctor at the biomedicine agency in Reunion.
"Removing an organ, is a very codified procedure that is performed by a surgeon who has received special training because it is necessary to master gestures and precise techniques," says on his side Olivier Bastien, Director of removal and transplants in biomedicine agency.
Once removed the kidney to the donor, the medical teams have 36 hours to perform the transplant. On the national territory, only 43 teams are legally authorized to practice these transplant including one in Reunion that operates on the entire Indian Ocean region.
This Tuesday, doctors and nurses will once again go meet cadis of Mayotte to educate religious leaders of the island concerning this important topic and saves lives.


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