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Mayotte: Case of "Pig head"; civil parties convicted to Supreme Court

While the three defendants were acquitted in the case of the pig's head by the court of Mamoudzou on July 9, the unsatisfied civil parties in the appeal verdict has decided to appeal in cassation.
The Supreme Court will give his judgment in more than a year and perhaps establish a new jurisprudence.
Despite the facts "morally reprehensible" according to the judge, the Court of Appeal has emphasized that the offense for the act committed is not punishable under criminal law. The objections raised against the three accused persons cannot be punished criminally.
It is to be remembered that two French military wives were convicted at trial in September 2014 to 9 months in prison and six months suspended for putting a pig's head in front of the mosque “Labattoir” after an alcoholic evening.
The third protagonist, a soldier, was sentenced for his six-month stay


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