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Mayotte: A surgical operation for two green turtle victims poaching, regain their freedom

The Mahoran stranding network of marine mammals and sea turtles (REMMAT) has relaunched on the side of the small beach of Dzaoudzi last Sunday, August 17, 2014 and two green turtles rescued recently after having undergone poaching incidents in illegal fishing with hooks stuck in their flesh.
Thus before regaining their freedom in Mahoran waters, two turtles named Georgette and Leopold were locally treated by a veterinarian of Mayotte, as reported by the newspaper France Mayotte Matin.
As a reminder, 84% injured sea turtles or discoveries dead on Mahoran beaches were victims of poaching, according to the figures recorded in 2012 by the REMMAT.
Stray dogs are also involved in about 2% of the cases.
 As a reminder, the poaching of turtles in Mayotte is liable to one year's imprisonment and 15,000 euro of fine.

Assani Badrudin

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