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Mayotte: A pregnant illegal immigrant expelled to Anjouan on three occasions within one week

Koulthouyoune Combo, 20 years old, has lived a nightmare in early January. Having to visit a medical center in Mayotte for monitoring of early pregnancy, the illegal immigrant woman was arrested by police on the way.
Placed in administrative detention center in Pamandzi, Koulthouyoune, Combo was expelled after 48 hours from Mayotte to Anjouan and the port of Mutsamudu.
Nevertheless, the young woman was born in Mayotte on 29 December 1992, as revealed the old medical book of her mother but the Comorian parents lived for more than 20 years in Mayotte illegally, as related site
Once landed in Anjouan, the officials of the Police Air and Frontiers (PAF) refuse her expulsion to the Comorian territory as reason of her health condition (pregnancy), on the basis of bilateral agreements which have been concluded between France and the Comoros in March 2011.
Koulthouyoune Combo takes therefore the first boat towards the port Dzaoudzi to Mayotte with her procession an official document from the Ministry of the Interior of Comoros which recalls to the French authorities that the young woman cannot be evicted.

In Mayottethe police of the PAF again decide to expel her for a second time to Anjouan for the same reason as the first time, despite the official document she has in her possession, putting forward that her state of health does not protect her from any expulsion depending on the version of the Comorian authorities.
But to no avail. Pregnant, Koulthouyoune Combo is forced to take the next boat to Anjouan where is again discharged to Mayotte for a second time with the same official document pocket.
The policemen of the PAF remain inflexible and Koulthouyoune Combo is send back to the port of Mutsamudu in Anjouan. The Comorian authorities decide to stop this endless administrative back and forth and allows pregnant woman to return to the Comoros where she however has no family to host her and help her out...

Anli Saendou

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