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Mayotte: A foot amputation week recorded, diabetic patients sensitized to self-monitoring of their foot arch

 While on May 21 was celebrated the 13th edition of the national screening day and of  prevention of foot health, which for its part was in its fifth edition in Mayotte, chiropodists of the 101st department have raised awareness on diabetes including the Mahoran special attention they need to provide their feet.

Each year there is an amputation a week that is listed in Mayotte for unhealed wounds which result to infections that consequently lead in amputation of the lower limb.
"For diabetics, the main phenomenon is the gradual loss of susceptibility that may not get back. The person can be burned on the sand or cut without realizing it." This loss of sensitivity correspondingly combines with arterial problems which could seriously impair the ability of regular healing of a wound. "This can cause infections that can lead to amputation," said Thibault Rouchon, chiropodist in the RéDiabYlang network that implements upstream of the self-assessment tests arch support for diabetic patients.


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